Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How do you calculate a quotation?

    Each quote is individually customized based on the clients requirements. We will generally have an exploratory phone call to discuss your needs in detail prior to providing a quotation.

  • How much will it cost to ship my product to my customer?

    We offer integration with a variety of small parcel shipping services, both domestic and international, and you get the benefit of leveraging the discounted rates we offer to all of our customers.

  • Do you have the capacity to handle our warehousing needs?

    We have a 40 year history of taking on customers of different sizes and working with them to handle their businesses needs.

  • Do you ship hazardous materials (fragrance, aerosol, etc.)?

    Yes, we are fully hazmat certified, and are currently storing and shipping Fragrance and Aerosols for many of our customers

  • Do you handle e-commerce?

    Yes, the vast majoirity of our customers have an ecommerce website. For some people, it's a small part of their business, for others it's their entire business. We ship thousands of e-comm orders daily for our customers.

  • How do you deal with seasonality and spikes in business?

    We can leverage our multiple facilities and large workforce in the area to cover the variable needs of each client at any given time.

  • How will we work together on a day-to-day basis??

    Each client has their own account representative at ADS. We value the customer service element and the ability to speak with a real person at any given time that is dedicated to your account.

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